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NOAA to Use Microsoft AI to Advance Protection of Endangered Species

On Wednesday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced that they plan to deploy AI systems this spring to boost researchers’ monitoring of endangered beluga whales, ice seals, and polar bears. The NOAA will use artificial intelligence capabilities to advance their efforts to preserve endangered species and. NOAA stated that they are training AI tools to help distinguish animals from their surroundings along with other abilities that will aid the NOAA in monitoring the animals’ behavior.

The AI projects have been in the works over the past few years and were started by Erin Moreland, an NOAA scientist who was frustrated with the quality of the photos of endangered species in Antarctica. The NOAA has been collaborating with 14 engineers from Microsoft’s AI for Earth program to achieve their AI goals in scientific research. The NOAA hopes to be able to produce population counts that are reliable, accurate, and easily available.

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