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EU Plans European Rival To Google With New Data And AI Proposals

Yesterday, the EU announced plans to create a tech giant or two in Europe that would rival Google and Facebook. The EU has, over the past several months, been subjecting the two companies to anti-trust investigations in a crackdown on the companies’ policies. The EU’s plans include two policy documents that outline how the organization will foster the commercial gathering, sharing, and processing of data as well as the development of AI technology. The EU hopes that as a result, more than one Europe-based company will emerge to challenge the American tech and data giants.

The European strategy for data was published on Wednesday by the European Commission and takes a clear and firm stance against the American tech giants. The EC plans to alter AU policy and regulations to create “a single European data space,” with an end goal of favoring EU data-based companies at the expense of foreign ones. Overall, the documents make it very clear that the EU ultimately wants its big tech companies to be a significant player on the global data stage.

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