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The Pentagon Is Spending Millions on Hunter Drones With Nets

The US Air Force’s Air Combat Command received permission to shoot down unmanned flying objects near its airbases after an incident in 2017 when an F-22 Raptor nearly collided with a cheap drone. The US Military acknowledged that shooting down drones over cities is not an ideal solution to a problem that is becoming increasingly frequent, therefore, the US military is going to spend millions of dollars on defensive drones armed with nets.

The Defense Innovation Unit is contracting with Fortem Technologies to create a SkyDome anti-drone system that would include net armed drones called DroneHunters with a radar system named TrueView. Other anti-drone systems search for the radio systems that connect drones to their operators, however, SkyDome has the ability to assume that the incoming drone is not emitting any radio signals at all.

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