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New EmoCheck Tool Checks if You’re Infected With Emotet

Emotet, a particularly harmful and notorious malware, infects computers to send further spam to other potential victims, simultaneously downloading other malware onto the computer. Emotet typically downloads and installs the Trickbot banking Trojan, which can have wreak havoc on the victim as it steals saved credentials, cookies, browser history and more.

Due to the severity of Emotet, a new tool has been developed to detect whether a computer has been infected with the Trojan malware, named Emocheck. Emocheck could potentially help victims find and remove the malware before it can download other harmful items onto the computer. Emotet is installed by a malicious attachment and will then be stored in a random folder under %LocalAppData%. Emocheck searches the computer for signs that it has been compromised by the malware through this function.

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