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Tesla will make the Model Y in Shanghai and design an ‘original car’ in China

Tesla began selling its new Shanghai-built Model 3 car to the Chinese public on Tuesday. While Tesla has sold cars in China since 2013 the Shanghai “Gigafactory” started construction precisely a year ago. Tesla’s Shanghai plant is only the company’s third factory but its first outside of the United States. CEO Elon Musk has recently publicized his intent to build a Tesla plant in Berlin, on a quest to make Tesla a truly international brand. 

Musk announced his plans for a radical new Chinese engineered, Chinese designed Tesla to a crowd of Chinese government officials and wealthy businessmen at the plant’s official opening. The newly promised Model Y will be an “original car” catered for a truly global market. China is poised to be the world’s largest electric vehicle market and Musk’s new Model Y (a lower-priced SUV) poses to dominate the market.

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