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Cryptojacking Drops by 78% in Southeast Asia After INTERPOL Action

After intervention coordinated by the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL), the number of routers infected with coin miners in Southeast Asia dropped by 78%. INTERPOL is an inter-governmental organization that joins police forces from 194 countries in combating crime in various regions across the globe. INTERPOL’s operation in Southeast Asia was launched in June of 2019 and allowed investigators and experts from 10 Southeast Asian countries to detect infected routers. This led to patching compromised devices and removing coin miners.

When the initiative commenced, INTERPOL detected over 20,000 hacked routers in the region, which accounted for over 18% of cryptojacking infections globally. Since the coordinated operation started, the number of devices infected has dramatically declined. However, INTERPOL’s efforts to remove the infections from remaining devices will continue into the New Year as cryptojacking continues to threaten security.

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