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Robotics Can Solve The Construction Skills Shortage—If Handled Properly

The construction industry currently experiences skill shortages, limited resources, and outdated information collection practices. Experts believe that automation and robotics could save the industry from stagnation, as robotics in construction offer capabilities infeasible for humans and crucial accuracy. Alongside the mining, oil, and gas industries, construction has lagged behind when it comes to automation but digitization of the construction sector is already beginning to spread throughout the industry.

Construction’s current manual process is slowly being replaced with a more data-driven approach that boosts effectivity and efficiency. Companies have begun to use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to create 3D replicas of construction sites, but experts warn that there are not enough skilled workers to implement plans. Construction is an industry that largely consists of repetitive and dangerous tasks, and robotics have the potential to reduce workers’ physical risk and promote innovation. Without the implementation of robotics both within and outside of construction sites, the construction industry may continue to face crippling employment issues.

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