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Europe is not done regulating Google and other US tech giants

After the EU imposed its largest fine ever on Google in 2018, which totaled $5 billion, the organization does not plan to stop cracking down on US tech giants in 2020. As the US edges closer to regulating its tech companies, lawmakers in DC clash with the likes of companies Google and Facebook over potential overreach. The transitional state of the European Commission has greatly contributed to the lack of action taken in 2018 as the Danish politician, Margrethe Vestager, responsible for overseeing major antitrust fines, lost the Commission president election.

Over the past five years, Vestager has cracked down on Silicon Valley tech giants, conductin investigations into their business practices and dolling out billions of dollars in fines. In the coming months, Vestager will continue to adopt new responsibilities such as reassessing how competition law is applied and ensuring that the EU is prepared for the digital age of 2020. With Vestager’s expanded power, US technology enterprises can expect an increase in both high-profile investigations and fines within the EU.

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