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Canadian Lab Test Provider Pays Ransom to Secure Hacked Data

Canadian lab test provider LifeLabs made headlines last week after announcing that 15 million customers’ data was leaked in a massive ransomware attack that occurred in late October. The information exposed included health card numbers, emails, names, logins, dates of birth, and passwords and effected customers located primarily in Ontario and British Columbia. On Tuesday, LifeLabs stated that they had paid ransom to the hackers in return for data protection.

LifeLabs declined to publicize how much the ransom requested and how much they ultimately paid to secure the data. As of Tuesday, LifeLabs claims that public disclosure of the data has not occurred. LifeLabs confirmed that the data accessed was dated between 2016 and 2017, and stated that customer risk is low. LifeLabs also said that they will provide one free year of protection for its customers, including dark web monitoring and identity theft insurance.

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