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France on strike: Power cuts, schools shut, no Eiffel Tower

Ongoing protests in France have left the country without transportation in major cities over the past two weeks, but recently French union activists cut electricity 100,000 homes and offices. Over the past week, Paris’s popular tourist destination, the Eiffel Tower, experienced a walkout alongside Paris opera workers, rallying against the government’s plan to raise the retirement age to 64. Last week, hospital workers, lawyers, and Air France staff joined the protests.

Macron’s plans to reshape the pension system have caused outrage across France, resulting in a crippled society in many major French cities. Workers from the leftist organization CGT carried out targeted blackouts on electricity networks in the cities of Lyon and Bordeaux to attract attention to their power and grievances. However, Macron isn’t alone in raising the retirement age or cutting pensions in recent years, several other European countries have done the same, adjusting for lengthening life expectancy and slowing economic growth.

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