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New York Times: US ‘secretly expelled’ Chinese officials who entered ‘sensitive’ military base

Two Chinese Embassy officials were expelled by the US after they allegedly entered a sensitive military base in Virginia earlier this year. US officials believe that at least one of the Chinese officials, who were with their wives at the time of the incident, was an intelligence officer operating under diplomatic cover. Sources claim that the incident occurred at a base near Norfolk, Virginia, that hosts special operations forces and other sensitive information.

Sources state that the four Chinese officials attempted to enter the base, where a guard told them to go through the gate, turn around, and exit the base. This is a common situation that occurs frequently. However, the four Chinese citizens instead drove further onto the base and were eventually stopped by US forces. The Chinese officials later claimed that they did not understand the guard’s instructions and that they had gotten lost, however, US officials are skeptical that such a mistake could be made.

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