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Over 70% of Chinese citizens worry about data leaks through facial recognition

The use of facial recognition technology for identity checks has become routine in Chinese universities, shopping malls, zoos, and other public areas. The rapid increase in the use of facial recognition in China has been met with growing concerns over data security and leaks. A recent survey of 6,100 Chinese citizens found that 79% of those surveyed stated that they are worried about their biometric information being leaked, and 39% of respondents stated that they preferred traditional methods of surveillance over facial recognition technology.

An overwhelming amount of respondents stated that they hope there will be a feasible channel for citizens to delete facial data, and 40% of people had no idea how their facial data has been stored. This lack of transparency exhibited by the Chinese government draws criticism from Chinese citizens and netizens alike. Another alarming aspect of China’s massive implementation of facial recognition technology is the absence of privacy policies or user agreements, and therefore consumers have not consented to the collection of their biometric data.

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