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Defense Digital Service Seeks Platform that Could Automate Hiring Process

The Defense Digital Service hires experts to serve tours within the Defense Department and operate projects such as bug bounties, enhancing digital services for military personnel, and developing new capabilities to counter drones and other emerging tech threats. The DDS announced on Monday that they are searching for a commercial-off-the-shelf, cloud-hosted software that can be used to automate the company’s hiring process, stating that they aim for a candidate experience that reflects the dynamic environment in which employees at DDS work.

DDS currently has 25 civilian employees who serve two to four-year appointments, as well as six non-DDS personnel and 19 full-time military employees who work on specific time-bound projects. The DDS already leverages direct hiring authority to vet candidates outside of the government hiring process. The DDS is particularly interested in tools that reduce the number of manual tasks staff are expected to take on during the hiring process, such as hiring, tracking communications, and changing applicant status.

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