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Scientists Store Data in Synthetic DNA Embedded in a Plastic Bunny

Scientists announced on Monday that they may have uncovered a new method for mixing genetically encoded data into manufacturing materials after they stored DNA data in a plastic 3-D printed bunny. The scientists sealed the synthetic DNA data inside microscopic glass beads to protect the information as the plastic for the toy was heated. Using a small portion of the DNA infused plastic, they could extract the instructions embedded and sealed in the glass beads and remake the figure flawlessly. The experiment’s findings were reported in the journal Nature Biotechnology, where they explain the process in depth.

The new DNA data storage technique could be used in the future to store digital information in items of any shape or size. It could be used to make devices that contain their own blueprints for replication or to embed electronic health records within different devices and drugs. The scientists have shown that hiding information in common objects could be in the foreseeable future.

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