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Microsoft Security: Password Problem Affecting 44 Million Users Revealed

The Microsoft threat team recently analyzed a database that contained leaked login credentials of over 44 million users, exposed from multiple security breaches. Microsoft disclosed that the information came from multiple sources, including law enforcement agencies and open source resources. In the first three months of 2019, Microsoft uncovered that 44 million users were reusing passwords found within the previously mentioned databases. Password reuse can negatively affect everyone, no matter how complicated the reused password may be. If a reused password turns up in a database, Microsoft analysts warn that other accounts using the same password can be easily compromised.

Microsoft has confirmed that customers do not need to take further action to protect other accounts, as it has already forced a password reset for its users. Microsoft clients do not need to worry about their Office, OneDrive, or Xbox services. However, for employees who use the same passwords for multiple logins, Microsoft said that the password force reset could alert the administrator. Microsoft stated that similar to the recent HackerOne incident, human error remains to be a threat to security.

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