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20 VPS providers to shut down on Monday, giving customers two days to save their data

Over 20 web hosting providers offering cheap VPSes have notified customers yesterday that they plan to shut down temporarily on Monday. This time limit gives clients just two days to download data from their accounts before they are wiped clean. Customers initially reacted to the headline when it was indicated that someone might be attempting to sabotage the company controlling several of the VPSes yesterday when they explained on public platforms that the organizations must request access to view detail of their enrollment.

The announcement sparked controversy among global citizens, as some felt that the provider was spoofing its emails in order to keep the money earned in Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, while others worried that an outside threat was targeting the provider and sending false emails to get customers to jump ship. Sources claim that inquiries about refunds made by customers of faulty products still have not been resolved. The incident bears resemblance to a situation referred to as “deadpooling”, when a small web hosting company offers cheap VPS servers and then shuts down a few months later without refunding customers. However, deadpooling rarely happens on a scale this large and with this number of VPS servers.

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