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Pentagon Unveils Which Bases Will House Large-Scale 5G Experiments

The Pentagon has released information that the Hill Air Force Base in Utah and the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Georgia will house 5G experiments. In Utah, the focus lies in 5G dynamic spectrum sharing, aiming to protect US activity across the domain. In Georgia, projects will focus on smart warehouse and asset management. The consortium’s Chief Strategy Officer Joseph Dyer stated that the department’s needs have changed dramatically.

 In Utah, the project hopes to pioneer new hardware and software systems that support the coexistence of airborne radar systems and 5G cellular systems on the same spectral bands, evaluating the impact of 5G on the radar systems. The smart warehouse effort in Georgia will create new 5G enabled prototypes that will enhance the US Marine Corps’ warehouse operations, promoting efficiency and safety beyond the current limits as well as testing emerging 5G enabled tech for military logistics.

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