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The FBI Investigated Viral Aging App FaceApp. Here’s What It Found

The FBI has confirmed that apps developed in Russia such as the viral face-aging app FaceApp are a threat to US security. The FBI warned the public not to use FaceApp and similar Russian-developed apps yesterday, calling them a potential counterintelligence threat. The National Democratic Committee already warned its 2020 presidential candidates not to download or use FaceApp after Chuck Schumer, Democratic US Senate minority leader, asked the FBI to investigate the application. Although there is no solid evidence that FaceApp gives data to the Russian government, the FBI stated that the risk originates in the fact that Moscow can access communications directly.

After 100 million people downloaded the app from Google Play, FaceApp stated that they did not sell user data with any third parties. Concerns remain relevant only to high-profile users, members of the intelligence community, and large enterprises with sensitive IPs, rather than civilians.

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