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In face of China threat, Taiwan to invite U.S. experts to bolster defenses

Amid the Hong Kong protests, Taiwan plans to get advice from US military experts on improving the defense capabilities of Taiwan. Taiwan views China as a growing threat to their sovereignty, as democratic Taiwan is already claimed by China as a territory. However, Taiwan’s current military strength pales in comparison to China’s massive repertoire. China has recently increased military activity around Taiwan and sailed an aircraft carrier group through the Taiwan Strait in November. Although the US has no formal diplomatic ties with the island, it is bound by law to provide advice and weaponry.

Lately, the Trump administration has stepped up its support for Taiwan with $10 billion in arms sales this year despite Chinese disapproval. Taiwan stated that an arms deal and plan with the US will help ensure peace and stability in Taiwan, as well as deepen the security partnership between the US and the island. The US ambassador to Taiwan, Brent Christensen, stated that strengthening security ties remained one of his priorities.

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