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Senators Demand Amazon Disclose Ring Privacy Policies

Amazon’s home surveillance and doorbell system Ring data collection policies are attracting attention, with US Senator demanding that Amazon disclose how it is securing footage. After several security vulnerabilities and privacy-related incidents, 5 Senotros wrote a list of demands in a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. The Senators stated that Amazon holds a vast amount of deeply sensitive video footage detailing the lives of millions of Americans. Last week, researchers discovered a vulnerability in Rig doorbells that left Wifi passwords exposed and earlier in the year a flaw was reported that allowed an attacker to spy on families video and audio footage.

A separate report earlier this year claimed that Ring employees in Ukraine had unrestricted access to a folder with every video recorded by Ring globally. Ring has partnered with more than 600 police departments across the country, allowing them to request access to camera footage from camera owners. Amazon replied, stating that it does not require law enforcement to delete videos and materials after a period of time, and if videos are downloaded by law enforcement, they could become public records.

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