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Allied Universal Breached by Maze Ransomware, Stolen Data Leaked

US security company Allied Universal was targeted by the group Maze Ransomware, encrypting their computers and obtaining access to sensitive files. After the deadline was missed for receiving the ransom payment requested, $2.3 million, Maze Ransomeware published 700 MB worth of stolen data. Maze Ransomware claimed it only released 10% of the files they had accessed from Allied Universal. This is one of few examples in which the victim of ransomware does not pay and data is subsequently leaked onto the internet. Maze Ransomware has been operating for a while, but recently became more well known after numerous malware campaigns that impersonate government agencies.

Allied Universal employs roughly 200,000 people and has revenues of over $7 billion USD. Although Allied Universal said the situation was under investigation, the files released by Maze Ransomware were determined to be legitimate and contain sensitive information. Maze Ransomware contacted news source Bleeping Computer and asked them to write an article on the event. Bleeping Computer refrained from doing so until ransom was paid or files were leaked. Yesterday was the ransom deadline, and Maze Ransomware posted a link to the 700 MB files in the Forums section of Bleeping Computer, which has since been deleted.

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