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Federal CISO: Better Info Sharing Will Lead to More Secure Supply Chain

According to the Federal CISO Grant Schneider, supply chain security threats will be on the rise in 2020, culminating with guidance from the Federal Acquisition Supply Chain Council, which was created in late 2018. The council was formed under the SECURE Technologies act and is compromised of civilian agencies, the Pentagon, and high-level officials from the intelligence community. The council aims to collect supply chain threat data and providing agencies with the data to address future threats. Schneider stated on Tuesday that he and his colleagues are focusing on providing guidance to federal agencies that are legally obligated to maintain supply chain risk management programs.

In order to provide these agencies with expertise and guidance, Schneider said that the council aims to improve the flow of information between federal agencies. He states that the council is determining which agency will primarily share information and redistribute it to the private sector. Schneider said this process will ensure the council has “good insight.” Schneider stated that agencies and enterprises will face more threats to supply chain security in the coming year, and the Federal Acquisition Supply Chain Council plans to combat this through facilitating the spread of information throughout all relevant companies and agencies.

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