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Air Force hires Trueface for facial recognition on bases

The US Air Force has signed a deal with Trueface, a facial recognition software company, to provide the Air Force with license plate recognition, weapons detection, and facial recognition services. Trueface describes the three levels of facial recognition: the first is used on your phone for FaceID and is relatively simple. The second is facial recognition in airports or work environments, in which photos of the person are provided then matched to a face or ID card. The last is one-to-million facial recognition software that can pick people out of a crowd. This advanced technology has been debited after reports of wild inaccuracy and potential racial bias.

However, as the cost of data goes down, so does the accessibility of this data. Trueface and other companies are working on mitigating the inaccessibility of data through innovative legal ways to collect data and remove bias from systems. Surface claims to have high accuracy, stating on its website 99.4% accuracy in the Megaface Challenge and 99.83% in the Labeled Faces in the Wild test. CEO of Trueface Shaun Moore stated that as long as data is collected and stored responsibly highly advanced facial recognition software could provide heightened security in public spaces such as airports and in the military.

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