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Alleged $20M Carding Forum Mastermind Faces US Charges

Russian citizen Aleksei Burkov is facing charges of running a $20 million carding forum. Burkov arrived at Dulles International Airport on Monday after being arrested in Israel in 2015, and now faced charges within the US after several attempts to circumvent extradition to the U.S. Burkov allegedly ran the site Cardplanet, which sold hacked payment card numbers of American citizens, and the Department of Justice claims that over $20 million in revenue was made as a result of purchases made on the stolen cards. 

Burkov also faces charges of running a separate site where members sold malware, hacking services, and participated in money laundering. Membership to the site included three existing members’ approval and $5,000. Burkov has been charged with access device fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit computer intrusions, identity theft, and money laundering. If convicted, Burkov faces 80 years in prison. 

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