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Venice floods: Italy to declare state of emergency over damage

Italy will declare a state of emergency in Venice after several days with 1.87m tide levels accompanied with extremely high winds, flooding the basilica and threatening public safety. The tide level of 1.87m is the highest recorded in over 50 years. Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte stated that more than 80% of the city was underwater during high tide and that Italy would be taking measures to protect civilians, including the acceleration of construction of structural defense mechanisms.

Civilians awoke to sirens stating that the tide would remain high over the next several days as damage from the high tide continues to cost Italy millions of euros. Historic locations around Venice have been critically damaged and the original structures may be irreparable. Conte stated that the Mose Project, a hydraulic barrier system, is one of Italy’s highest priorities right now. Conte is expected to announce the state of emergency measures later today.

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