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This unusual new ransomware is going after servers

An unusual ransomware named PureLocker by cybersecurity analysts has been targeting enterprise servers. PureLocker is written in PureBasic, which easily targets different platforms as it is transferable between Linux, OS-X, and Windows. Attacks are launched against the targets, holding them hostage until cryptocurrency ransom is paid; often hundreds of thousands of dollars. Cybercriminals have been using PureBasic to attain critical information and threatening to destroy it if ransom is not paid, a typical trend of ransomware demands.

PureLocker ransomware code contains strings from ‘more_eggs’ malware which is sold on the dark web and is an infamous provider of malicious services. Cobalt Gang and FIN6, two of the most prolific cybercriminal groups, have previously used similar malware and ransomware techniques to target large organizations. PureLocker campaigns are still active and researchers advise companies to educate employees about phishing.

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