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Biggest Threats and Data: 2019 AR Threats Report

CDC recently released the 2019 AR Threats Report, which aims to highlight emerging threats to public health, drug-resistant bacterias becoming more common, and provide the latest information on data regarding the number of cases within the U.S. The report stated that Clostridiodes difficile affected 223,900 people in 2017, killing 12,800 people. Overall, the report confirmed that more than 2.8 million antibiotic-resistant infections occur, causing the death of over 35,000 Americans per year. The CDC aims to reduce the number of people exposed to antibiotic-resistant bacterias, identify and contain the threat, and take aggressive action against the spread of infections like Clostridiodes difficile.

Along with 18 antibiotic-resistant bacteria and fungi that have caused significant burden to U.S. public health, the report categorizes the infectious diseases into urgent, serious, and concerning; depending on the level of concern to the U.S. human health. The report also contain three bacterial threats that have no spread widely within the United States as of now but could become common.

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