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Consumers creeping and peeking, reveals HP survey

A new HP survey exposes the ‘secret behaviors’ of US workers that undermine the privacy of others. For instance, 73% of employees engage in creeping, i.e. looking at the computer screen of a co-worker, while the same number of people look at documents they find in shared office printer trays. By looking at the screen of a coworker, some employees have seen interesting information such as confidential data (37%), not safe for work (NSFW) content (30%), and a coworker’s job search (28%). By looking at documents in shared printers, employees have found personal print outs (58%); confidential information (43%); and even highly personal information (25%).

But while many Americans don’t respect the privacy of others, 65% consider the compromise of their personal data to be among their biggest fears, with 54% worrying about this on a day basis and 26% having lost sleep over it. 73% of respondents believe it is inevitable that their personal data will be compromised eventually and 78% believe that third parties have already gotten hold of their data without their knowledge.

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