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Florida Women’s Clinic Warns 520,000 Patients of Data Breach

In April of this year, North Florida OB-GYN, an organization providing specialized health care for women, suffered a cyberattack impacting the private data of 528,188 patients, the clinic announced this week. North Florida OB-GYN discovered the breach in early May, about a week after it happened, and launched an investigation into the incident.

The clinic said the investigation revealed that “there had been improper access to certain portions of its networked computer systems and that a computer virus had encrypted (made unreadable) certain files on its computer systems,” which implies that it was a ransomware attack. North Florida OB-GYN shut down its network after the breach and informed the FBI of the incident.

The impacted information may include full names, demographic information, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, driver’s license or identification card numbers, employment information, health insurance information, and health information. The clinic has informed all affected patients of the potential data compromise.

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