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Magecart Skimmers Spotted on 2M Websites

A new report by RiskIQ provides and in-depth look at the evolving Magecart threat. Magecart is an umbrella term for various criminal groups that attack websites with the aim of injecting them with “skimming” malware designed to steal the payment card information of visitors. The average Magecart breach lasts 22 days, but some websites remain compromised for years.

Magecart campaigns have injected skimmers on over 2 million websites and have breached over 18,000 hosts since 2010. The attackers either exploit vulnerabilities in targeted websites directly or they target websites indirectly via vulnerable third-parties. Magecart groups are also using online ads to promote infected checkout pages. In fact, Magecart campaigns account for 17% of all malvertisements.

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