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Ransomware Attacks Leave US Hospitals Turning Away Patients

Several hospitals in the United States and Australia suffered disruptive cyberattacks this week. On Tuesday, the community-owned DCH Health System in Alabama was hit by a ransomware attack that forced three regional hospitals in Tuscaloosa, Fayette and Northportto, to start turning away “all but the most critical new patients.”

In Australia, a number of hospitals in the state of Victoria were also at the receiving end of a crippling ransomware attack. In response, some of the impacted institutions had to cancel various appointments and scheduled surgeries. The Victorian Government said it was investigating the incidents in collaboration with targeted hospitals, Victoria Police and the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

Healthcare is among the most targeted sectors when it comes to ransomware attacks. Two weeks ago, a ransomware infection paralyzed the network of Campbell County Health (CCH), a healthcare system in Gillette, Wyoming that is compromised of various hospitals, clinics and care centers. That attack also led to the cancellation of surgeries and appointments as well as the suspension of new inpatient admissions in various centers.

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