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Iran Denies Successful Cyber Attacks on Oil Sector

Iran’s cyber security office on Saturday denied what it referred to as “Western media claims,” about a cyberattack on the country’s oil sector. Earlier that day, NetBlocks, a non-governmental organization monitoring Internet outages, had reported “intermittent disruptions to internet connectivity in [Iran]” that affected “online industrial and government platforms” and seemed to indicate a cyberattack or an “unplanned technical incident.”

According to Iran,”no successful cyber attack was made on the country’s oil installations and other crucial infrastructure.” Iranian Minister of Telecommunications Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi did admit that his country has “been facing cyber terrorism — such as Stuxnet.”

A recent report by NBC News stated that the US government may strike Iran in cyberspace as retaliation for the country’s alleged involvement in the recent drone attacks that disrupted about half of Saudi Arabia’s oil capacity.

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