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Microsoft: Cyberattacks now the top risk, say businesses

The risk of cyberattacks far outranks other threats to businesses in a new report[pdf] by Microsoft and Marsh. 79% of survey respondents stated that cyberattacks are either the top concern (22%) or a top 5 risk (57%) to their firm. In 2017 only 62% of companies mentioned cyber threats as a no. 1 or top 5 threat.

The report also found that confidence in the cybersecurity resilience of companies is dwindling. In 2017, 29% of companies were very confident and 62% were somewhat confident in their ability to understand, assess and measure cyber threats, but those numbers have now dropped to 23% and 59%, respectively. When it comes to cyberattack mitigation and response, the number of highly confident respondents was 18% in the latest survey, down from 20% in 2017. Moderate confidence levels also decreased, from 68% to 63% for threat mitigation and from 65% to 60% for incident response.

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