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Afghan government has concerns about US-Taliban peace deal

The Afghan government wants Washington to clarify its draft peace agreement with the Taliban so that Kabul can “completely analyze its dangers and negative consequences and avoid the dangers,” the spokesperson of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said on Wednesday.

Under the agreement, which still needs to be approved by US President Donald Trump, the US would withdraw 5,400 of the almost 14,000 troops stationed in Afghanistan. The pull out would be completed within 135 days if the Taliban holds up its end of the deal, which includes making sure that Afghanistan will not server as a launchpad for terror attacks against US targets.

So far the Taliban has refused to engage in direct talks with the Afghan government, which it considers to be a puppet regime of Washington. The Afghan government is worried that the peace deal will not result in such talks, but will instead enable the Taliban to regain control of the country. Over the last few days, violence has surged with the Taliban carrying out a number of attacks. The agreement also casts doubt over the Afghan presidential election scheduled for September 28. Taliban leaders have warned with attacks on election day if the vote isn’t cancelled, yet Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has insisted that the polling stations will open as planned.

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