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Alaska Had the Most Cybercrime Victims Per Capita in 2018

New data by CenturyLinkQuote shows that residents of Alaska are more likely to fall for Internet scams than people in other parts of the country. With 22  cybercrime victims per 10,000 residents, The Last Frontier tops the ranking for the second year in a row.

The numbers are based on the FBI’s IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) Report for last year, which contained data on 351,936 complaints connected to over $2.7 billion in total losses. The best performing state was South Dakota, which had 5.3 cybercrime victims per 10,000 residents. However, when it comes to average losses per victim, Alaska was actually ranked last with $2,256.30, while residents of North Carolina lost $18,241.52 on average, which was more than in any other state.

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