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Ransomware attacks on businesses up 365% this year

A new report by Malwarebytes confirms the resurgence of ransomware campaigns targeting companies. While various reports released in the first half of last year projected the decline of file-encrypting malware, threat actors have since then launched countless targeted campaigns.

Between Q2 of 2018 and Q2 of this year, ransomware detections at businesses soared by 365%, while consumer detections actually dropped by 12%. The most prominent ransomware strains targeting firms are Ryuk and Phobos, detections for which surged by a respective 88% and 940% last quarter compared to Q1 of this year. The report points out that “cybercriminals are searching for higher returns on their investment, and they can reap serious benefits from ransoming organizations over individuals, who might yield, at best, a few personal files that could be used for extortion or identity theft.”

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