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StockX was hacked, exposing millions of customers’ data

E-commerce platform StockX appears to have suffered a massive data breach exposing the personal information of millions of customers. While the stolen information is already for sale on the dark web, the company has yet to acknowledge the incident, according to a TechCrunch report.

Last week, StockX reset all user passwords, claiming that this was the result of “system updates.” Eventually the company explained that it had been “alerted to suspicious activity” on its website, but it declined to elaborate further. TechCrunch was then approached by an unidentified party that claimed to be selling a database containing over 6.8 million user records that were obtained by a hacker in May of this year. The seller provided data samples that were verified by TechCrunch staff. The compromised data includes customer names, email addresses as well as profile and device information.

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