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Destructive Malware Goes Mainstream as Attacks Soar 200%

IBM X-Force on Monday released an alarming report showing that the number of destructive malware attacks has surged by 200% in the first six months of this year, compared to the first half of 2018. These destructive campaigns are currently costing targeted organizations $239 million per attack, which is more than 61 times higher than the costs of an average cyberattack ($3.9 million).

On average, a single destructive malware attack nukes 12,000 machines, with the targeted firm requiring over three weeks (512 hours) to respond and remediate. In the past, destructive attacks were mostly the work of state-backed hacking groups. However, IBM X-Force warns that “since 2018 […] we have observed the profile of these attacks expanding beyond nation-states as cyber-criminals increasingly incorporate destructive components, such as wiper malware, into their attacks.”

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