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Top 10 IoT security risks for businesses

A new Deloitte survey among IT security professionals found that almost half (48%) of them recognize the importance of embedding DevSecOps throughout the life cycle of Internet-of-things (IoT) development and of cooperating with legal, procurement, and compliance across deployments. About the same number of respondents (51%) expressed mild confidence in the ability of their organization to adequately secure IoT products, while a mere 18% said they were very confident about this.

Deloitte identifies the following top ten IoT/IIoT (industrial IoT) security risks for organizations:

  1. Not having a security and privacy program
  2. Lack of ownership/governance to drive security and privacy
  3. Security not being incorporated into the design of products and ecosystems
  4. Insufficient security awareness and training for engineers and architects
  5. Lack of IoT/IIoT and product security and privacy resources
  6. Insufficient monitoring of devices and systems to detect security events
  7. Lack of post-market/ implementation security and privacy risk management
  8. Lack of visibility of products or not having a full product inventory
  9. Identifying and treating risks of fielded and legacy products
  10. Inexperienced/immature incident response processes

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