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Putin: Russia has no plans to send troops to Venezuela

Russia does not intend to send troops to Venezuela in order to assist the regime of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, President Vladimir Putin stated on Thursday. Maduro’s authority is being challenged by opposition leader and self-declared acting president Juan Guaido. While Russia and China support Maduro, United States President Trump has recognized Guaido as interim president of the country.

In March, the US government accused Russia of escalating tensions in Venezuela after two Russian military aircraft carrying about 100 troops and a substantial amount of equipment arrived in the country. Putin said that the Russian officials in Venezuela are military hardware experts that are merely fulfilling contractual obligations.

The Russian president criticized the US policy toward Venezuela and warned against military intervention by Washington because it “would be a catastrophe.” Putin added that “the crisis in Venezuela should be settled by the Venezuelan people.” Experts have warned for months that the US may be planning a military campaign aimed at overthrowing Maduro.

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