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AMCA Healthcare Hack Widens Again, Reaching 20.1M Victims

The number of people affected by the recent data breach at American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA), a billing collection services provider, continues to increase. As it turns out, over 400,000 consumers of medical diagnostics company OPKO Health were also impacted, bringing the total number of victims to 20.1 million.

Earlier this week it was announced that 11.9 million customers of diagnostic services giant Quest Diagnostics Incorporated were affected by the breach. On Wednesday, it became clear that the data of 7.7 million customers of Medical diagnostics firm LabCorp had also been exposed.

The leaked data includes names, birth dates, addresses, phone numbers, financial information and medial information. Social Security numbers and credit card information have also been compromised in certain cases. OPKO Health said that the payment card data of at least 6,600 of its patients had been exposed.

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