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Newly-Identified BEC Cybergang Targets U.S. Enterprise Victims

Agari recently released a new report on the evolution of Scattered Canary, a rising Nigerian cybercrime group specializing in business email compromise (BEC) attacks on large organizations.

Researchers have been tracking Scattered Canary since 2008, when it was still a one-man operation. Since then, the group has evolved “very much like a business from the startup phase to the corporate phase.” Initially Scattered Canary engaged in Craigslist scams. It later moved on to romance scams and in recent years began specializing in BEC campaigns targeting businesses. Its current tactics include credential phishing, domain spoofing and wire transfer fraud.

Based on the research findings, Agari believes that in the fight against BEC and other cyber scams, “a much more holistic approach—one based on threat actor identity rather than type of fraudulent activity—is required.”

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