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China Threatens To Blacklist U.S. Firms Refusing To Supply Huawei

China continues to retaliate against recent US sanctions targeting Huawei and other Chinese firms. Last Friday, Beijing threatened to blacklist US companies that comply with those sanctions. A week before that, China had issued a draft bill ordering Chinese firms that want to buy “network products and services that affect or may affect national security” to conduct a thorough analysis of the national security risks involved.

In the midst of rising US-China trade tensions, the US government went after Chinese firms three weeks ago when Trump issued an executive order that declared an national economic emergency allowing the government to ban technology solutions of “foreign adversaries” that pose “unacceptable risks” to national security.

The US government considers Huawei products to be a security threat, because the firm may provide the Chinese government with access to its data and systems, which would enable Beijing to spy on US federal agencies and manipulate their networks. Both Huawei and the Chinese government have consistently denied allegations of cyber espionage.

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