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North Korea executes envoy in a purge after failed U.S. summit: media

The North Korean nuclear envoy to the US was executed by the North Korean regime after the February US-North Korea nuclear summit failed, a South Korean newspaper reported on Friday. The official, named Kim Hyok Chol, was allegedly executed in March, together with four top officials of the country’s foreign ministry. According to an anonymous source, Kim “was accused of spying for the United States for poorly reporting on the negotiations without properly grasping US intentions.”

While the executing of the envoy has not yet been independently confirmed, Reuters learned from a diplomatic source that their had been indications that the North Korean regime of Kim Jung-un had punished Kim Hyok Chol and other officials for the summit’s failure, for example by sending them to a labor camp. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Friday that his government is trying to verify the report.

While US President Trump has said that he walked away from the summit because the North Korean delegation demanded that the US lift all sanctions on the regime, North Korea later denied that it had asked for full sanctions relief.

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