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Hospitals Failing on Cybersecurity Hygiene

New Forescout research highlights how reliance on outdated systems is putting healthcare organizations (HCOs) at risk. The study found that a staggering 71% of Windows devices in HCOs run Windows 7, Windows 2008 or Windows Mobile, even though Microsoft will end support for these operating systems by January 2020. Currently less than 1% of devices rely on an unsupported OS, but this number may surge by next year if HCOs fail to upgrade to Windows 10 or adopt another supported OS by then.

HCOs are also exposing themselves to threats by relying on risky services like SMB (85%) and RDP (35%). The global WannaCry infection of a few years back took advantage of a flaw in SMB and current ransomware campaigns often go after poorly secured RDP accounts.

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