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More Expert Context On How The rise in Artificial Intelligence Will Change the American job market

Investigative Journalist James Rosen has been digging deep into how the rise of Artificial Intelligence and how it will impact the job market in the U.S.

In a recent video report, Rosen interviewed expert Dion Hinchcliffe, principal analyst at Constellation Research. Context from Hinchcliffe included: “The world economic forum says we’re going to go from about 30% machines doing all the work right now, to where we are today, to 50% by 2025. And that’s going to cause a lot of dislocation in the job market, a lot of unemployment.”

A paper published in 2013 by Oxford University, examined which jobs are susceptible to computerization and found 47% of U.S. are at jobs at risk.

“High-skilled workers have moved down the occupational ladder, taking on jobs traditionally performed by low-skilled workers, pushing low-skilled workers even further down the occupational ladder, and to some extent, even out of the labor force.” the report said.

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