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Major Uptick in IoT-Related Breaches and Attacks

The Ponemon Institute and the Santa Fe Group have released a new report indicating that over a quarter (26%) of organizations experienced an IoT-related data breach last year, an increase of 11% compared to the year before. Furthermore, researchers believe “[t]he actual number may be greater as most organizations are not aware of every unsecure IoT device or application in their environment or from third party vendors.”

The report also highlighted the increasing risk of third party IoT devices, as 23% of companies suffered a cyber attack due to such devices, while 18% suffered a data breach. Unfortunately, many companies are not taking the necessary steps to mitigate third party IoT risk. Almost one in three (32%) organizations has not put anyone in charge of IoT risk management, while the vast majority of companies (91%) do not educate staff about IoT third party risks.

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