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Security Pros Feel Aligned with Board, Still Fear a Phish

A recent report[pdf] by AT&T Cybersecurity shows that an increasing number of security professionals feel they are on the same page with the stakeholders, although the situation at larger organizations tends to be more harmonious than at small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Over a quarter (26%) of securty experts at large firms said that their company was fully aligned with its stakeholders, while this was true for just 18% of SMBs. In addition, the number of large enterprises that are not at all on the same page with their stakeholders (7%) was lower than the number of SMBs (10%) facing the same issue.

The report also looks at the biggest cyber threats that companies face. It distinguishes between internal and external threats. The top internal threats listed by security professionals are phishing (29%), ransomware (20%) and social media threats (16%), while the main external threats are cloud security threats (27%), DDoS attacks (19%) and Internet-of-things (IoT) attacks (17%).

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