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SIGAR: Reintegration, economy among top risks after Taliban peace

The Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction (SIGAR), which is the US watchdog for aid to Afghanistan, this week released a report outlining the security and other issues that will need to be addressed following a possible US-Taliban peace deal.

The report points out that in the event of a peace deal, which SIGAR welcomes, Afghanistan will continue to depend on foreign aid and support to overcome various major issues. For instance, 60,000 armed Taliban fighters and their families will somehow need to be reintegrated into Afghan society, and the national police force will need to become far more effective. In addition, a solution will need to be found for the widespread corruption in the country, which is severely undermining the legitimacy of the government.

The latest round of US-Taliban talks ended earlier this month without a peace deal, although both sides cited progress.

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