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Trump Wants NATO’s Eyes on China

According to US and European officials, the Trump Administration wants NATO to start focusing on threats coming from China, even though the alliance was primarily designed to deter Russia.

Under President Trump, the US has started to prioritize China as a major threat over other threats like Islamic terrorism. In this context, the government has been leading a campaign to get its European allies to ban Huawei products from their future 5G networks, claiming that the tech giant may provide the Chinese government with access to the data and systems of governments. These efforts have so far been rather unsuccessful, as the UK, Italy and Germany have resisted an outright boycott.

Now it seems that the Trump administration wants to take its strategy to another level by pushing NATO to begin monitoring potential threats from China on a daily basis. However, analysts say that European members of NATO are likely to resist such an approach because it does not match the original purpose of the alliance. As one European defense official put it: “China could pose a threat to NATO. But that doesn’t mean it’s through NATO we have to respond.”

President Trump has taken an unorthodox approach to NATO from the start by openly criticizing it and privately expressing his desire to pull the US out of the alliance. In an unexpected twist earlier this week, Trump indicated that Brazil could potentially join NATO.

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